From the Big Picture to the Smallest Details, This Temecula Real Estate Professional Covers it All.

It’s another beautiful morning on this pristine Temecula golf course.

Andrew Smith is clearly in his element as he steps up to the tee box. With a pro's confidence, he takes a couple of practice swings, and then stops to assess his shot. The wind has picked up from the west. The pin is set deep on the green. A cluster of bunkers just behind the green could spell trouble should he overshoot the hole. Andrew knows that in the big picture, all these elements are going to affect how he plays the shot and he adjusts accordingly. With a graceful motion, Andrew hits the ball, sending it on its trajectory toward the pin. He watches as the ball lands on the front of the green and rolls halfway to the hole. A good shot, all things considered.

A Skilled Perspective

Andrew's deliberate strategy and exceptional execution didn't happen by accident. For two years he played golf professionally on local and national tours, including the PGA’s Nike Tour. Those times were as rewarding as they were valuable. Andrew walked away with the unique ability to see all sides of a given challenge and the insights to determine the best course of action to overcome and reach his goal. Anyone who knows him will tell you that Andrew's ability to see it all—from the big picture to the smallest of details—is the key to his success in life. For Andrew, it’s not enough to think in the short term. He’s always had long-term view, whether he’s on the golf course or in a business meeting. “Seeing the big picture helps you see all the factors that impact your decision,” he explains. “It helps you see all the possibilities and make informed decisions.”

An Early Exposure

Much of Andrew’s perspective comes from the time he’s spent abroad. With two British parents and much of his family overseas, he was fortunate to attend schools in both England and the States. The experience gave him his first taste of different cultures and, untimately, broadened his horizons. “You learn how different people are and how to connect with them,” he says. “It really changed my outlook on the world. I began to see the big picture and how you fit into it.”

An International Professional

Andrew's new perspective was particularly valuable to his career in the international auto industry. As a professional providing project management and consulting services, he offered guidance to businesses in Taiwan, England, Italy and the US in the design and development of vehicles. It was an experience of a lifetime that taught him volumes about multi-national business practices. But beyond that, Andrew seized it as an opportunity to hone his problem solving and people skills.

The Big Picture For The Best Results

Andrew's adeptness at seeing the big picture as well as the finer details are what truly set him apart as one of the leading real estate professionals in the Temecula Valley area. Always with an eye on the long term objective, Andrew monitors current market trends and projections for the real estate industry. His extensive professional background in project management, strategic planning and creative problem solving make him uniquely qualified to help his clients achieve the best return on their investment. And with his exceptional focus on the details, they know they can trust him to assist them through a smooth transaction.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect home to suit your lifestyle, or want to sell your home quickly and for a maximum return, Andrew Smith is the real estate professional for you. With a clear and focused eye on your long-term needs and short-term goals, Andrew brings the full range of his talents to help you make the most of your important investment. Indeed, with Andrew, you always know he’s Focused On The Big Picture. Capitalize on your opportunities and give him a call today.